Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Man In Black

This is a true story that happened to me way back in  1966.
I had recently married my first husband "F" at the time we had only been married about 6 months at the time of the incident and we were living in a rented accommodation in Colberg Place, Stamford Hill, London N16.
The house was one of those old 3 storey type houses with a basement.
Our flat was in the attic. As we climbed 2 flights of stairs up to the landing where our neighbours lived, then we climbed another 5 steps, then 3 steps and we came to the bedroom on the right and the kitchen sink to the left, all it had was a rickety kitchen sink on wobbly legs. We climbed another 4 steps to the top floor landing, The cooker was to the left and kitchen cupboards on the right and there was door directly in front opposite the stairs was the lounge. The lounge was a chalet type room with slanting front wall either side of the window.

Everything was ok and going well within our marriage at that time after all we were newly weds.
"F" was working at Johnny Walkers ( whisky) in London at the time. I stayed home keeping house and tried to get a job at Stamford Hill Odeon cinema close by as i had previously worked for the Odeon company before, but there was none going at the time. I put my name down for various part-time jobs, but nothing came of them.
It wasn't long into our marriage that i found myself pregnant.
Thursdays i went on my own to the cinema which i done every Thursday afternoon.
I got up every morning with "F" to see him off to work each day, then i got on with a few chores around the flat, then i went shopping and always had "F" dinner ready for when he got home from work.

In my bedroom, the dressing table was next to the bed on the left side and the wardrobe was on the right side of the bed, both had mirrors

One morning "F" got up to get ready for work and i had a lay in as i was feeling queasy and unwell. I could hear the kettle boiling and i as i opened my eyes i glanced in the dressing table mirror and saw a man swaying dressed in black clothing behind me, i looked behind me, all i could see was the wardrobe, i turned back to face my dressing table mirror and the man was still there swaying, i blinked a few times, covered my eyes, cold with fear i looked again, he was still there swaying and i looked behind me again nothing. I was feeling so scared and shaky at the time and i screamed for "F" he came running into the bedroom. I told him what had happened and what i could see in the mirror even with "F" there with me. I was shaking so bad and was so scared. "F" said don't be so stupid theres nothing there, he was quite annoyed really but i was adamant that he stayed home for the day.
I eventually got "F" to stay home for the day and take me to my mums in Dagenham and that's where i stayed. I didn't return to the flat at all. "F" had all our furniture put into storage and we lived in my old bedroom at my mums prefab.

I had become friends with a lady in the flat below us named Mitzy. She was a Jewish mature lady. We got on so well and had lots of laughs and we often went shopping to Ridley Market in Stoke Newington Saturdays and sometimes i went with her to visit her daughter whose name i can't remember in Hackney a couple of times during the week. Mitzy used to call up to me to come down for a cup of tea each morning. 
The morning i left the flat, i went to tell Mitzy what had happend and i wouldn't be back.
Mitzy then told me about the people who lived in the flat before us. The mother heard her little girl talking to someone in the bedroom. The little girl said she was talking to the man in the corner, he was dressed in black exactly the same place, but no-one else could see him...
This had happened a couple of times before they moved out.
Mitzy had told me the man was a tailor who lived in the house and had hung himself in the attic.

I know this all sounds so far fetched, but this did happen to me


  1. When my sister,took her first council house years ago now.They used to have strange happenings go on upstairs in thier home Astra.Her youngest little boy at the time was a monkey for getting up in the night and going dowstairs.Maybe two or three yr old at this time.He used to eat things from the fridge etc LOL!!We can laugh now of course.So after all these happenings going on.She was frightened something might happen to him,whenhe used to get up,in the night when they were asleep.So one night they tied the bedroon doorknobs together thier bedroom door to his bedroom door from the landing side.So he couldn't get out without them hearing him.Next morning they got up.The door knobs wern't tied,thier was no rope to be found and he had been downstairs again and eaten alsorts.LOL!! This terrified her too,after telling some neighbours, they told her the previous council house tenant had hung himself from the loft.This was directly over the landing,between the doors I mentioned.It was a good thing out of a bad, as it made her and hubby save to buy thier own house and they moved as quickly as possible.The rope however was found up the loft when they emptied it to move Ahhhhhh. I wouldn't even go to the toilet alone in that house haaaaaa.She used to go up with me and stand outside the door LOL!!Thats why I don't like horror and creepy films to this day.They make me dream.Have a good Sunday.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

  2. I believe children see alot in the spirit world. Much more than adults do. That would have scared me, too, Sandra! I would have left and never returned as well!! Interesting read!! Val =)

  3. ive seen many strange things yeahi do believe you. xx

  4. People never believe what we say sometimes unless they've experienced it themselves. Thank you sweetheart for stopping by my From Barb's Spiritual Journal blog,. I appreciate it. And just so you know, I believe you saw what you saw, have experienced many strange things myself.
    Big hugs,